MKE StartUp News - Driftless Goods offers sustainable luxury fleece


Sustainable design expert Caroline Priebe’s passion for fashion has a focus bigger than the latest trends. As the founder of Driftless Goods, Priebe creates stylish luxury garments that are good for the wearer, and the planet.

Founded in 2023, the company makes fleece outerwear from regenerative merino wool that is harvested, spun, and sewn in the United States. Proudly plastic-free, Driftless garments are fully biodegradable and made for longevity.

Priebe warns about the dangers of the microplastics found in popular brands of fleece. She notes that as a synthetic fleece, or a fleece blend, is worn, fibers shed from the garment cause problems for both the wearer and environment.

“The majority of our microplastics in the ocean are from textiles. If you wear (standard fleece) it’ll be plastic, and you will inhale and ingest those plastic fibers, which accumulate in your organs and give you a 450% greater chance of a heart attack or heart incident. There’s a study coming out of Italy that is about how microplastics are clogging our arteries. It affects your endocrine system, it affects your reproductive system, both in men and women…It’s just really toxic, not just to us as humans, but also to our planet,” she explained.

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