Forbes: Stop Wrapping Yourself In Plastic- And Other Tips For Scaling Sustainable Luxury

Did you know that fleece is plastic? In fact, almost 60% of all clothing material is actually plastic. In addition to fleece, nylon, acrylic and polyester textiles are all synthetic.

So, when you wrap yourself in that cozy ¾ zip fleece pullover, you’re actually enveloping yourself in chemicals.

But there is another way for luxury consumers to stay cozy without wearing chemicals, harming animals and polluting the planet. Driftless Goods, for example, produces chemical free, 100% wool fleece jackets. All the company’s wool is from a regenerative sheep farm.

“You could bury one of our jackets in your backyard,” says Caroline Priebe, Driftless Goods’ founder and creative director, “and within 3 months it will return to the earth as nutrients.”

Read the whole piece here. 

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