Featured in Fast Company

Fleece jackets and hoodies have become a staple of our fall and winter wardrobes, popularized by outdoor brands like Patagonia. These cozy, fuzzy layers are designed to feel soft and wooly to the touch. But very few fleece hoodies are actually made from wool. The vast majority are made from plastic fibers, like polyester.

Caroline Priebe, a sustainable fashion designer, wants to make a better fleece. She’s just launched a company called Driftless Goods that makes hoodies from regenerative merino wool sourced from American farmers. At $275, Driftless hoodies are roughly double the cost of Patagonia’s, but Priebe believes that there are sustainably minded consumers who are eager for garments that aren’t actively polluting the planet. The hoodies are currently available for preorder and will ship in the fall. To keep reading click here

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