Plastic-free underwear and activewear picks

Some of you have reached out inquiring about plastic-free (or very close) apparel I like in other categories that we don't sell, at least not yet. I love to see this becoming a plastic-free movement!
I thought it might be helpful to make a little list for you, so here it is:

Underwear for women

Inclusive nude (aka lots of different nude colors) lingerie line made in Los Angeles from tencel and organic cotton.
Cotton Slut
Woven cotton, non-restricting lingerie including cute pantaloons.
Lake Jane
Knit cotton underwear, tees and cami's that remind me of what I wore in the 90's in the best way.
Beautiful knit merino lingerie
Featured in the photo. High quality hemp/cotton underwear with a little stretch. 

Underwear for men 

Industry of All Nations
I love everything they so thoughtfully make including their organic cotton knit boxers. 
Hemp boxer briefs which is naturally moisture wicking and anti-bacterial.
The Big Favorite
Cotton knit basics for men and women with a recycling program.

Activewear for women - stretchy sports bras and leggings

Made from pretty pioneering plant-based bio-materials like castor beans and algae.
Made from hemp and bio-based elastane
Groceries Apparel
Organic stretch cotton dyed with food waste into beautiful colors.

Activewear for men

100% Merino shorts and tencel joggers.
Jungmaven is good here too. 
There are few others but I'm not into them aesthetically. I'll keep an eye out for you.
Here are a few reasons why plastic-free underwear and activewear are important to your health and the health of our home planet:
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